A Midsummer’s night dream wedding in Umbria

Have you ever dreamt about a lavish, romantic, unique wedding in Italy? And most specifically, a magical summer wedding in Umbria? Then, it’s easy to think about an outstanding midsummer night dream wedding in one of our enchanting locations: it will seem like living inside Shakespeare’s poetry.

How to recreate the magic of Shakespeare’s poetry in Umbria

Summer is the perfect season for an outdoor wedding in Umbria, with a signature floral styling and laid back, rustic, outdoorsy vibe.
A fitting theme is, for sure, “midsummer night dream”, so that all the atmosphere will be like a magical evening for the bride and groom and all the guests.
The Theme is one of the most romantic you could think about. Based on a well known play by Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, this theme can be developed in a very original way, with many personal touches but without loosing the overall magical view.
Nature, flowers, magic: all of this can find its place in the ceremony.

A Midsummer night Dream Wedding in Umbria: all the details

A rustic, country chic wedding, but yet magical and dreamy, inspired by Shakespeare poetry must be very accurate on details. Starting from colors, you can range from pastel nuances to bronze, gold, and rose gold. Ribbons on chairs, flowers, bridesmaids dresses. Everything shall be coordinated. Bridesmaids could wear satin dresses, very light, with differente nuances, from lighter to darker, different from one another like an enchanted rainbow. Flower girls could wear fairy wings with ligt pink tutu dressesand flower crowns, similar to the one the bride’s wearing.
Since it will be an open-air wedding, remember to let your guests feel comfortable: provide bottles of water and fans, and you can have fun decorating them with glitters and pink ribbons!


How to plan your wedding in a Castle in Umbria

The perfect way to plan your midsummer night dream wedding in Umbria is to entrust yourself to a destination wedding planner.
Even if the poem was written in Great Britain, it can be easily transferred in an enchanting wedding location in Umbria. Marrying in an Umbrian secret garden means entering magical and enchanting spaces, where it’s easy to imagine that dairies and elves could be hiding somewhere.
Let us suggest you the best way to organize your enchanted wedding ceremony in Umbria. Live the magic, enjoy the dreamy experience to give your guests the sensation of living inside a fairytale.
You can have a civil or symbolic ceremony in the farden, with a flower arch surrounding the beautiful couple, and then the wedding reception and a wedding party in the evening, under an elegant tensile structure.

How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Umbria

An Umbrian lavish wedding inspired by the magic of a “Midsummer night’s dream” can be organized with any budget. Just tell us your idea and we will work on it together. We have the the right experienced staff to give you the advices you will need the most.
Umbria has got plenty of perfect wedding venues for your ceremony, and an enchanted secret garden could be the perfect location for your fairy wedding ceremony.
Umbria is the perfect venue for your Italian wedding: green hills to frame your pictures, magical spots to say “I Do”, a wedding destination that will surprise your guests with its underrated, still timeless, elegance.

Hiring a destination wedding planner for your enchanted romantic Wedding in Umbria

If you wish to get a real Italian wedding, then the rightest choice you can do is to hire a local wedding planner. Your renowned Umbrian Wedding planner will think about all the small details that will make your wedding in Umbria unique, magical and amazing! You will have the chance to live a real enchanted experience for one day, in the most romantic hidden garden in Umbria. You can ask for the complete all inclusive wedding package, so you won’t have to worry about the details, and you will have plenty of time to imagine your great day until the moment you will finally live it.
Your elope in Umbria is nearer than you think!