Your wedding in Umbria

Your Italian Wedding in Umbria, the green Heart of the Country, is only a few clicks away! Style and decor, even on a budget! You only have to decide which style your wedding in Umbria will have… and we will make it real together!
Today I would like to talk to you about an enchanted wedding venue in Umbria: Todi. Todi is, according to the Telegraph, one of the 10 towns worth visiting in Umbria. 16.000 inhabitants, surrounded by green hills, full of beautiful monuments to visit. Discover it together with us!

Destination wedding Umbria: Todi

Umbria has many green landscapes settings, and is known as the green heart of Italy, because it is locatedn right in the centre of Italy. Todi finds itself in the south of the region, 130 km from Rome.
Todi is full of amazing wedding venues, villas, farmhouses, ancient palaces. Choose the best venue where you can get to marry the love of your life.
Umbria, so close to Tuscany but with so much to offer and to discover! Surely less crowded, and of course with lower budgets, you can choose Umbria to be the perfect wedding destination Italy where your dreams come true. Wonderful villas, historic castles, amazing settings, all venues not to be taken for granted, much more value for money than you can expect! Todi is few kilometers from the beautiful region of Lazio, so your destination wedding will include many historical spots to discover. As an example, try and google Civita di Bagnoregio: something unique!

Why getting married in Todi, Umbria

Todi is one of the prettiest town for a wedding in Umbria.
A town in the heart of the region, that seems like it has never been touched by modernity, where also all the people living there seem like they are always waiting for something to happen.
A perfect venue for your Italian destination wedding: Todi offers an incredible countryside that will be the perfect background for your wedding pictures!
Todi offers so many breathtaking views: incredible architecture, medieval scenarios and renaissance beauty! Wedding ceremonies will find a perfect venue in Todi. Civil weddings take place in the majestic Palazzo del Popolo, the most impressive and most ancient building in town. If you go for a religious wedding (specifically, a catholic wedding) you can choose the Duomo, or San Fortunato church. A villa, a castle, a hamlet, a farmhouse, a borgo, a palace or even a vineyard will be the most romantic settings for your symbolyc wedding ceremony or elopment. Just imagine yourself, with your stunning gown, making the most of your wedding in one of these unusual, still amazing venues?

A wedding venue in Todi: Palazzo del Popolo

Palazzo del Popolo is the perfect place to begin your married life in Todi. The heart of the city is overlooked by some of the most beautiful and significant buildings of this historic town. It’s known to be one of the most photogenic piazzas in central Italy, due to the surrounding palaces and beautiful little streets.. Considered to be the largest meeting point for people in Todi, it’s no secret that the square is home to some of the most prestigious buildings in town, including the Annunciation Cathedral and the Captain’s Palace.

A religious wedding venue in Todi: San Fortunato Church

The Church of San Fortunato stands proudly at the highest point of Todi, at about 1350 feet (411 metres) above sea level. If you want to reach the peak of the San Fortunato Church, you must climb a huge amount of stairs, but it’s entirely worth it for the view.
The chapel’s interior will also impress you and your guests, especially as the sun casts beautiful shadows over the interior.

How to plan a a wedding in Umbria

If you want to plan your wedding in Umbria with no flaws on the plan, then you better entrust yourself to a destination wedding planner.
Umbria Weddings and Events has the right experience to offer to you!
Bureaucracy will have no secrets with the help of your trustworthy wedding planner. Just choose the best ceremony that suits you: civil, figurative, symbolic, religious (catholic weddings are legally recognised in Italy).

How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Umbria

An Umbrian wedding can be organized with any budget. Umbria wedding villas, castles, hamlets, borgo, palace, farmhouses or vineyards: you have so many options to choose among! You can get the wedding of your dreams even if you are on a budget, just tell your wedding planner all the information she will need and everything will be fine!
The first destination you may think about, when thinking about getting married in Italy, are Tuscany, then Rome, Venice, maybe Naples and its Gulf. But you should never underestimate Umbria! It has the perfect wedding venues, very often beautiful hidden gems.

Hiring a destination wedding planner in Umbria: is it the right choice?

Sure it is! Your trustful Umbrian Wedding planner will think about all the details that will make your wedding in Umbria unique and amazing! Umbria Wedding and Events has the right “know how” to offer to you and will let you and your loved ones live the Italian Dream, experiencing life like only Italians can do!
Your elope in Umbria is nearer than you think!