Your elopement in Umbria

Dreaming about a romantic getaway with your loved one? Then you are in the right place: today we will se toghether what does organizing an elopement in Umbria mean. We will see what an elopement is, what’s the best way to have one is and how to get the best memories living it.

Elopement: a definition

An elopement is a wedding with just the bride and groom. Family and friends will learn about it only after it has taken place. Anyway, in the last years, elopements have gained a rather different meaning: marrying in the presence of very few guests (no more than four, usually), in a far away place, similar to a destination wedding venue.
In order to get married like this, you will need an officiant, a witness and a marriage license from where the wedding will take place.
Umbria is the perfect wedding destination for your elopement, with its green landscapes, hills, romantic venues.
Even if the elopement is perfect as a “last moment” decision, more and more couple plan ahead the event, even several months in advance, with the help of an expert wedding planner. Whether it’s just the two of them, or a wedding destination with the closest friends and family, many couples choose amazing Instagram-ready scenarios, and Umbria can be the perfect setting for it.

Elopement packages: the right idea for your wedding

An elopement package is meant to include everything you need for your wedding. You will have the chance to tolk to your trusted wedding planner and tell her all your desires. She will design the right elopement package that fits your needs. As an example, usually elopement packages include photography, an officiant, a lavish meal for the couple, accomodation, beauty treatments for the bride including hair and make up, a floral package, transportation to and from the airport.
Anyway, here at Umbria Weddings and Events are very attentive to your needs. Let’s talk and find out which solution better fits your dreams!

Is it an elopement the right choice for you and your spouse?

If you are a Bride that pays attention to details and wants her wedding to be perfect but with little effort, then we think than an elopement is the right choice.
Your trusted wedding planner will plan all details with you, lowering your stress levels and letting you enjoy all the beauty of the event.
It’s so easy to organize an elopement, with the right help! We at Umbria Wedding and Events have the right experience to help you in all the possible ways!

Some technical aspects on your elopement in Umbria

You can get married legally in Italy even if you are a non-resident. You will need some documents and your wedding planner will tell you everything you need. Last but not least, catholic weddings are legally recognised in Italy.

How much does it cost to organize an elopement in Umbria

An Umbrian wedding elopement can be organized with any budget.
Umbria wedding villas, castles, hamlets, borgo, palace, farmhouses or vineyards: you have plenty of options to choose among! All of them are beautiful and fascinating, you can get the wedding of your dreams even if you are on a budget!
Umbria is the perfect venue for your Italian elopement.