Your Wedding in Umbria event and Covi-19 spread: a useful guide

Earlier in February, Italy has sadly become the first Country in Europe to be hit by the very fast spread of Covid-19. Starting from the 21st February, first of all the areas of north Italy, then the rest of the Italian territory, have been put on lockdown and life has been “freezed”; Everyone has to stay home and respect social distancing in order to win over Coronavirus and go back to our “normal.
Wedding ceremonies have been stopped, too, so this means that, if you are going to marry in the next 4 to 8 weeks you should postpone your event.

Wedding in Umbria postponing: let’s see how

Postponing, not cancelling: that’s the kewyword to save your money and don’t loose your nerves.
I know, you’ve been waiting for your special day since MONTHS, but let’s go straight to the point and try to remain focused. You are going to get married anyway, so you don’t have to cancel the event and start all over again. You only have to postpone it, reschedule it so you don’t lose your deposit. Yew, you heard it right.
In a country where wedding industry is 5 billions euros worthy, it’s in the interedt of the suppliers to meet your needs and trying not to lose the entire event. So, if you ry to find a suitable new date for both, you can be sure you are still having the wedding of your dreams!

Speaking to the suppliers

First of all you should talk to the venue’s owners and with the church (or municipality), if you are not having all the ceremony in one place. You will work out to find a suitable new date and, basing on your desires, you could have a full summer wedding or an autumn wedding in Umbria. Autumn temperatures are mild and you still could have an outdoor wedding (if the location can provide a plane B with indoor spaces).
In the end, don’t underestimate a wedding in December: Christmas decorations are so bright and evocative!

Your wedding gown

If your wedding is taking place in the next 4 to 8 weeks we are sure that the wedding gown will also bu suitable for an autumn wedding in Umbria (temperatures are similar). If you can arrange a wedding in summer, you will need just few changes to be perfect even with higher temperatures. Even for a winter wedding, you will only need some cover, not to freeze!

Hotel and flights: force majeure cancellations

Since the beginning of covid-19 spread, the tourism industry has encouraged the creation of vouchers in order to spend your deposit for a future reservation. So, if you already reserved hotel rooms for your guests, i twill be enough to write and say that you would like to postpone your wedding date and relocate the reservations as a consequence.
Concerning on flights, most of the companies have reimbursed their clients. A little tip: save this money and book your flight as a last minute, due to the uncertainty of the current situation.

Lat but not least: rely on your wedding planner

Luckily enough, you decided to have a wedding planner helping you out with all the organization of the event.
Your trusted Wedding Planner will help you with the postponing of the event, trying to set all the suppliers on a unique date, suitable for you.
Umbria Weddings and Events has the right know how in order to help you with everything, from the bureaucratic aspects to the happier ones. A complete assistance on your wedding in Umbria!
Umbria is the perfect venue for your Italian wedding. But you already know, right?