Your wedding ceremony in Umbria: the role of the celebrant

Live the dream of an Italian Wedding in Umbria, the green Heart of the Country.
Umbria is the perfect destination wedding for your sensational ceremony, full of nature, history, wonderful location and hidden gems to discover.
You’ve chosen your venue, maybe also fixed a date for your ceremony, but your are pretty unsure on how the ceremony itself will be conducted and by who.
Maybe you and your groom have different religious beliefs? Or burocracy is just too much to handle and you just want a symbolic ceremony to celebrate your love? Do you want to make your ceremony special and truly personalized? Then a celebrant is the perfect person to conduct your bespoke ceremony.

Which are the differences between a celebrant, a priest or pastor and a registrar?

A civil celebrant is someone who has trained specifically to be able to conduct a wedding ceremony.
A priest / pastor can conduct a full blown religious ceremony, whilst a Registrar will conduct a non-religious ceremony (with no possibilities of reading poems, listening to songs, exchanging personalized vows), either in the registry office or in a designated room within your venue (but not all venues are provided with it).
The celebrant will build up the ceremony with you. Are you wondering if it will be possible to meet the celebrant in advance? Of course! You will talk to him in depth, together with the groom, and don’t be surprised if you will even discover something new about your loved one!
You will have the chance to decide which poems or lyrics to read, or just listening to a song, or furthermore, exchange personalized vows in your language.

Plus, each wedding venue in Umbria can host a celebrant and you can have your wedding ceremony anywhere you want: since it has no legal value (I will explain later how will you give it to your marriage) you do not have to get special permissions on where to get married!

Will the marriage be legal if it is performed by a celebrant?

Getting married in Umbria is the perfect choice if you are a Bride that doesn’t make do with what she has!
Umbria Wedding and events has the right experience to help you through all burocracy and papers to make your marriage valid.
A civil celebrant will only conduct a symbolic ceremony. The legal aspect of marriage needs to be carried out by a Registrar. You can decide whether to to do this before or after the ceremony. Most couples consider their personal exchange of vows to be their ‘real wedding’ and are happy to take care of the legalities separately.
Umbria Wedding venues find themselves in the greenest countryside of the centre of Italy, just think about a villa, a castle, a hamlet, a farmhouse, a borgo, a palace or even a vineyard: you can make the most of your lavish ceremony in one of these unusual, still amazing venues. And you will be able toorganize all the ceremony in the same venue, if you decide it to be conducted by a civil celebrant.

You can write your own vows for your wedding in Umbria

Yes, indeed. Use your imagination and express your feeling by writing the most exciting vows you can think about. The civil celebrant will be at your disposal before the ceremony in order to hel you with the writing, and you will get a connection with him or her. On the contrary, if you are getting married with a Registrar you will only meet her or him on the dame day of your wedding ceremony.
Umbria Weddings and Events can help you finding the right celebrant for your wedding in Umbria, and is one of the few in the region providing this service.
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How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Umbria with a celebrant

An Umbrian wedding can be organized with any budget, Umbria Weddings and Events has the right experience in order to give you the advices you will need the most. The cost of hiring a Celebrant or a Registrar is pretty much the same, but the result is far different. With a celebrant your ceremony will be personalized and so emotional: Umbria has the perfect wedding venues for your wedding, may it be country chic and very romantic.
Umbria wedding villas, castles, hamlets, borgo, palace, farmhouses or vineyards: you have plenty of options to choose among! Umbria is less crowded than Tuscany and is a much non-expected choice: you will amaze all of your guests!

Tip to make your wedding in Umbria unique: the Unity Sand Ceremony

Your trustful Umbrian Wedding planner will think about all the details that will make your wedding in Umbria unique and amazing: Fatima is so happy to share secrets and tips, and one ceremony that will add romance and uniqueness to your wedding in Umbria is the Unity Sand Ceremony.
During a wedding sand ceremony, it’s common to include some wording that explains what is happening, and what it represents to you. Though you can do it in silence, or during a reading or song, consider having your civil celebrant say a few words.
If you have children, that cane be even more meaningful: can you imagine all the family together, pouring sand in a vase? That will be a beautiful memory, always on display in your home.
Your elope in Umbria is nearer than you think!