Getting married  and having an outdoor ceremony  is becoming the dream of many couples; big countries, enormous parks and lots greeneverywhere  it seems to be just that the dreams of newlyweds and brides to be  who want to crown their best day in a whole new way.
What it has always been seen as an American marriage, perhaps unusual for us Italians, it is moving in our land, which welcomes this new trend in the big countryside of central Italy. Umbria, in particular, seems to be the preferred destination for those who, overseas, decided to marry among all that the beauty of nature can offer.

But why Umbria? First of all because it is a beautiful land, full of uncontaminated spaces ready to host an important ceremony as a wedding marriage. Then because, although few know the potential, Umbria is full of big gardens all set in old houses ,villas, hamlets, small towns that offers outdoor spaces that you might find anywhere else, large terraces overlooking hills or large groves. These are the ideal places that are choses by who decide to celebrate their wedding in the “green heart” of Italy: our beloved Umbria. A land particularly suitable to readjust to the “American outdoor Wedding”: the presence of the celebrant, for example, can be perfectly framed in a beautiful garland of flowers specially designed, so as to make it even more majestic and imposing, all more chic and unexpected.

Infact, if you are thinking about an open and in nature wedding marriage,Umbria is just perfect. We will hep to carefuly make  selection of floral arrangements that will make the scene already bucolic, even more beautiful.

The Umbrian countryside is already beautiful in their complete naturalness, but for a complete wedding to 360° there is always need the touch of a specialist who knows how to perfectly combine the natural beauty already present on-site, with ornaments and decorations specifically compounds and planned.

An american style wedding or outdoor wedding, it may be country, but with a touch of refinement and elegance. .

Forget the rice, in place hundreds of petals of flowers will adorn the already beautiful nature that will frame the most beautiful moment for everyone. Small decorations hanging in the branches of trees, flowers from the white color that blend with the surrounding environment. These are some of the many items that will make a special your marriage, your outdoor wedding in Umbria. In order not to forget others, such as small decorative lights for those who decide to get married in the late evening, perhaps choosing the sunset as favorite moment to say the more important “Yes” than their lives.

Although it is true that nature is always beautiful, it is even more true that some special moments of the day are ideal to crown their dream of love. The sunset, in fact, appears to be the favorite time of the day, one in which the sun is ready to leave its space to the moon and the stars. And the moment when the sky turns pink and light blue, giving the whole atmosphere a magical touch and even more romantic.

Choose to get married in Umbria, among a breathtaking nature, with the sun behind you add some decoration in the trees and flower petals everywhere, and will became  the perfect setting for anyone who wants to give an extra touch to their  own wedding.