Weedings on New Year’s Eve has a great symbolic value because it not only celebrates the union between two souls but it’s a good omen for the new year that begins …
New Year’s Eve is magical and highly evocative, ideal for charging the rituals that belong to the big step with positive energy: how the cycle of the seasons closes,
thus a period of one’s life ends and a completely new one begins with the person you love, a doubly special and unique day to share with loved ones.

We can emphasize as much as possible what makes us dream, everything must shine and be sparkling: green light for candles, gold, silver, sequins, sparkling lights …your wedding will turn into a real end of year party and welcoming the new year will be wonderful in this dreamy atmosphere. The current Christmas holidays will dictate the warm and suggestive theme of the decorations.
The menu will then be full of dishes that traditionally are a good wish for abundance, good luck, health and happiness, bubbles and fragrant wines will accompany the countless toasts inspired by an even more festive atmosphere.
A few seconds from midnight, the countdown starts to pass from the old year to the new one and to start a life together, with the double wish of all those who love you and in the background fireworks to frame this magical moment only for you!

The party atmosphere is a dreamy patina in every place but in Umbria in particular everything becomes undoubtedly even more enchanted; the environment displays its most beautiful flowers: the elegance of the amaryllis, the delicacy of the anemone, pine cones, berries, garlands … the settings will be fabulous …all kinds of locations in Umbria ready to welcome the newlyweds and their guests in an uncontaminated and suggestive landscape , among small festively decorated villages, farmhouses and castles set by vineyards, olive trees and the enchanting Umbrian countryside.

Everything is luxury, elegance and unmistakable Made in Italy style!

Your wedding will be a sparkling fairy tale told by the warmth of your happy guest…and this special wedding day will never make you forget the opportunity to celebrate your anniversary!