Live the dream of an Italian Wedding in Umbria, not forgetting your traditions: entrust a local wedding planner and get your hindu wedding in Italy. Find the best location that suits you and the Indian wedding attire, fix the details for a wedding ceremony you will never forget, let your guests experience the real Italian Style with the perfect hindu wedding ceremony you’ll ever have!

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Indian Wedding Ceremony in Umbria: the tradition

A Hindu wedding brings along rich colors, festivities, and customs that have existed for hundreds of years.
An Indian Wedding is not only a day a celebration, but a series of traditions that are celebrated together with the whole family.
Indian brides will not decide the day of the wedding celebration basing on season, but they will calculate it exactly with the help of their zodiac signs and stars and planets, in order to find the lucky time that will grant prosperity to their marriage.

Umbrian Weddings and Events has theright experience to help you throughthe organization, having worked with Indian couples that realized their dream of getting married in Italy.

You can have the most romantic and traditional Indian wedding ceremony in the most beautiful wedding venue you’ve ever dreamt about. It will seem like you never left your Home, but instead you will be in one of the most romantic places in the world, la Bella Italia. For brides-to-be, choosing the wedding location is one of the most important decisions to make: it has to reflect the style of your wedding, the personality of bride and groom, and has to be ideal for the well-being of all the guests.

The Indian Bride: everything you need in Umbria

Indian Brides wear “something red” on their Wedding day, since in Hindu Wedding ceremonies the red color symbolizes commitment, spirituality and fertility.

Indian Brides will go for a brightly colored Wedding Saree, perhaps enriched with golden embroidery, and they can even apply a dash of red kumkuma powder on thei foreheads: that’s a sign of good luck.

An Indian Bride will also decorate her hands and feet with henna, also known as mehndi. Henna has been used by brides for more than 5.000 years! Henna is used as a decoration and will be applied in beautiful drawings symbolizing paisley and floral patterns.
<h2> The Indian Wedding ceremony in Umbria: how to </h2>

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The perfect way to plan your hindu wedding in Umbria is to entrust yourself to a destination wedding planner with the right experience.

Hindu Wedding ceremony is plenty of traditions and blessings, in a symbolism that still lives since centuries.

The Bride and Groom will get started with the Haldi Ceremony: on the morning of the Wedding, they will apply a yellow turmeric paste called Haldi wishing themselves good luck. This paste is believed to send away bad spirits, and also to have healing properties.
During the Indian Wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are seated underneath a pavillion decorated with flowers, lights and drapes. This pavillion is called Mandap, it’s a sacred structure and symbolizes growth and well-beeing.

The Mandap is based on 4 pillars, that are believed to represent the couple’s parents: they will support the marriage with their love and blessings.

Not only the celebrant stands between the bride and groom. During the ceremony there’s a sacred fire that witnesses the ceremony, and is called Agni: the couple will walk around it taking seven steps and reciting a sacred Hindu pledge dedicated to marriage.

At the end of the ceremony, the newlywed bride says goodbye to her family during the Vidaai ceremony. This is a very touching moment since the bride officially leaves her home and family to start her new family with her husband.

She then throws rice over her head to thank her parents.

Let us suggest you the best way to organize your lavish Indian wedding ceremony in Umbria. Live the magic, enjoy this thrilling experience and give your guests the best memories they will ever have.

How much does it cost to organize an Indian wedding in Umbria

An Indian Wedding in Umbria can be organized with any budget, Umbria Weddings and Events has the right experience in order to give you the advices you will need the most, without going extra budget but focusin on all particulars.

Umbria is the perfect venue for your Hindu wedding in Italy: green hills to frame your pictures, magical spots to say “I Do”, a wedding destination that will surprise your guests with its underrated, still timeless, elegance.

Umbria has the perfect wedding venues for your wedding.

The Indian Wedding in Umbria: practical aspects

Marrying the love of your life in Italy means you will probably need a local wedding planner in order to help you with the burocracy and practical aspects.

An Indian Wedding in Italy does not have a legal value, but the wedding planner will suggest you the best way to celebrate it, from hiring an Indian Celebrant, to respect all the customs and traditions, to providing an Indian catering to make you feel home, even if far away from home.

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Hiring a destination wedding planner for your Indian Wedding in Umbria

When thinking about the organization of your day, you never won’t regret the choice to hire a local wedding planner. Your trustful Umbrian Wedding planner will think about all the details that will make your wedding in Umbria unique and amazing! Umbria Wedding and events has the right skills to organize an Indian Wedding in Umbria, since the Staff already had the chance to doing it before. You can ask for the complete all inclusive wedding package, so you won’t have to worry about the details, but you will have plenty of time to imagine your great day until the moment you will finally live it.

Your elope in Umbria is nearer than you think!