Choosing the right location for your wedding in Umbria

You met the Love of your life. He proposed. You said yes. Congratulations! Now the time has arrived to make an even bigger decision: which wedding location will best fit the style of your ceremony?
No panic, my dear bride-to-be! Here’s a short list of useful tips to read through and remember: any decision you will take, love will be the main element and you hubby will be next to you all along the way.
Are you ready to start?

5 tips on how to choose the perfect wedding location for your wedding in Italy

Let’s go straight to the point and see the five most important elements, according to our experience, that will help you choosing the wedding venue of your dreams.
– Hire a wedding planner and talk to her/him first;
– Think about the style you wish your ceremony will have;
– Write a list and count how many guests you will have;
– Keep in mind your budget
– Timeline: picking up a wedding date

First steps on taking the decision on where to get married in Umbria

Our first tip is: hire a wedding planner! You are overwhelmed with emotions, thinking about all the details, which wedding gown to select, flowers, bridesmaids, list of guests.. A local wedding planner will help you thinking about everything without missing the point, and most important of all will help you picking the right wedding location.
Second tip in our list, but the very first you trusted wedding planner will give you, is Think about the style you wish your ceremony will have;
Are you a romantic bride? Then go for a wedding in a castle: just like in a fairytale, you and your beloved will be so beautiful, in a historic setting, looking in each other’s eyes, vowing eternal love.
The wedding ceremony will be more informal? Then a farmhouse or a vineyard will be the perfect venue for saying “I do”. Spring or Summer will be the perfect seasons to organize your wedding in Umbria in these locations, so that you can also have an en plein air ceremony.
Are you dreaming about a lush ceremony, elegant and very formal? A villa will fullfill your wishes. A villa with a superb view to the amazing green landscape of Umbria.

How many guests will attend your wedding in Umbria

Knowing how many guests will attend your wedding in Umbria is crucial. If you choose a venue that cant’ hold all of your guests in the list, or more guests RSVP ‘yes’ than you can fit in the venue, you might have some problems. In our experience at Umbria Wedding and Events we know that couples often underestimate how many people they will invite, so it’s better to get all the responses before choosing your venue, or at least choose one that can hold all of the people you invite!
This also leads us to the fourth tip: keep in mind your budget! Knowing in advance the exact number of guests will also help you saving money, since you will not have to change the reservation a dozen times – or worst, change location due to a wrong program!

Picking the right date for your wedding in Umbria

The first EVER question is: what comes first? Picking a wedding date or choosing a venue?
It mainly depends on what is more important to you: getting married during a particular time of year or getting the venue of your dreams. Our suggestion is: go into the venue search with two ranges of dates. But in our opinion, first comes the location. Because once you have the location, the date will follow basing on availability.

Last but not least…

Ok, we spoke about 5 useful tips. But our experience telss us that we ABSOLUTELY have to tell you two more things.
First: think of a back-up plan. We at Umbria Weddings and Events can handle this for you, and we really suggest to have one.
Second: like with your wedding gown, you will immediately know when the location will be the right one. It’s a gut feeling. If you can’t help but imagine yourself there in your vision of your dream day, , it’s likely right.
Your wedding in Umbria is nearer than you think!