Get married in Umbria means crown your love in a dreaming place, where unspoiled nature and peace set up a romantic and timeless atmosphere. An unforgettable destination wedding, where the real romantics will load of sweetness and emotions.

The heart is ordinarily the symbol of love and romanticism. If you are a romantic couple in love, an heart-themed wedding is the best choise to celebrate your feeling. This theme can be adapted in different wedding styles, as a wedding glamour or a country-chic and rustic wedding, ideal for a destination wedding in Umbria, where nature is the queen. If this heart-theme is for you, here you can find some ideas and inspirations to arrange a perfect country-chic wedding day, full of hearts!

Let’s begin with surprising your guests by sending an original wedding card as for example closed with wooden heart and made by paper-plant.

For whom never heard this, the paper to plant is an eco paper made with some flowers seeds. Guests can plant their wedding card and have a beautiful coloured flower. Choosing an outdoor ceremony, obviously is the best one to use more decorations. The entrance hallway of the happy couple can be framed by wooden natural or coloured hearts, then the backdrop of the wedding vows can be set up with pastel coloured linen or hearts and roses in hanging glass jars. The wedding reception is full of hearts, from menù to centerpieces as on the cake which can have an heart-shaped or decorations. The tableau can be a composition of keys and hearts, great symbols of eternal love

. The secret for a rustic and heart-themed wedding is to keep sober colours and used materials. For example wood is one of the most suitable materials to give the idea of rustic. You can use recycled materials or give a second life to old items in your cellar. Let’s immagine a beautiful umbrian villa as your wedding location. You will arrive driving in a dirt road in an enchanting wood, till you will see a stunning villa. Your wedding will be the celebration of love, where hearts and rustic details will frame a unique event.