Lord Byron wrote in CHILDE HAROLD’S PILGRIMAGE (IV canto)

The waterfall of Marmore

“The roar of waters! From the headlong height
Velino cleaves the wave-worn precipice.
The fall of waters! Rapid as the light
the flashing mass foams shaking the abyss.
…while the sweat
of their great agony… which round,
with its unemptied cloud of gentle rain,
is an eternal April to the ground,
making it all one emerald…

…that’s what Byron wrote in 1816 about the Waterfalls in Umbria.

Water is one of the fundamental elements in our life, like air; it’s one of the most significant ancient symbols; it’s a feminine element, as is the earth; it represents emotions, flow, fertility and life. Water is used in many rites of passage from the most ancient civilizations to the present day, as well as in wedding ceremonies.
Spring water is a symbol of the new life together that the spouses are preparing to face.
Getting married near a landscape where water is an accomplice and fascinating witness in Umbria is not only possible, but it can turn into an original and unforgettable experience.
Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy, doesn’t have the sea but can boast landscapes where water paints romantic and enchanted views.
Not far from Terni, the city of San Valentino patron saint of lovers, is the lake of Piediluco:
at the foot of the Marmore Falls. It’s said that, reaching the center of the lake, the voice produces an echo so powerful that it can be heard within a radius of many meters; so why not make your marriage proposal ring out to the picturesque village of colorful houses of Piediluco?

In Italy the Marmore Falls are well known as one of the balconies, from which to admire the jumps of the waterfall called “Lovers ‘Balcony”: a small window that can be reached by crossing the Lovers’ Tunnel. Legend has it that Valentine’s Day, to demonstrate Nerina’s purity, questioned by her partner, he struck the cliff with the shepherd’s staff causing a jet of water to gush out in the shape of a bridal veil.

Weeping willows, a body of water shrouded in silence, a church in the shape of a Greek temple: this is the atmosphere you breathe at the Fonti del Clitunno, a place that has inspired poets and writers such as Pliny the Younger, Virgil, Lord Byron and Carducci, so why not be inspired by this magical place for a declaration of love?

Another wonderful body of water among the most romantic of Umbria is undoubtedly Trasimeno Lake: the sunsets that can be admired from the villages that rise on its shores (Passignano sul Trasimeno, San Feliciano, Tuoro sul Trasimeno and Castiglione del Lago) take on always different colors that change with the succession of the seasons.
The visit to Isola Maggiore (which is located in the center of the lake) isvery romantic and suggestive.

On the island, reachable by ferry, there is a suggestive fishing village: in this context, the ideal place for saying “yes” is one of the walkways that overlook the lake and which, at sunset, are filled with intense and beautiful lights.