Today “Il corriere dell’Umbria” The most well known journal in Umbria featured an article about the increasing number of Destination weddings in Umbria.
It was my pleasure answering their questions and contribute in their research and actually I was very surprised today, when I saw their article published in today’s journal, as I didn’t expect them to put my picture on it!

I always dreamed about having my own wedding Planner agency  and I truly believe dreams come true If we chase them.

There is plenty of  MAKE UP ARTIST, HAIR STYLIST, CATERINGS, LOCATION, MUSICIANS ,PhOTOGRAPHERS and may other suppliers in UMBRIA. To find the perfect match according to your taste and budget is not always a symple choice and it is always my pleasure to help you with it.

Is not easy to rely on someone you don,t personally know, especially when it comes to the planning of  your wedding dream! We are happy to know we will be always there for you as our weddings are tailor made  and we love to build relationships with our couples based on understanding, trust and love.

It wasn,t logic It was love..