Destination Wedding: Italy

Live the dream of an Italian Wedding

Getting Married in Italy: the perfect choice

Getting married in Italy is the dream of a lifetime: beautifule castles, hidden spots, villas and amazing sceneries. Get the most of the experience of getting married in Italy, celebrate your romance and shine on the best day you’ll ever have.
Getting married in Italy means finding the perfect place to say “I do” together with your loved ones.


Why getting married in Italy

Well, that’s a million dollar question, isn’t it? As previously said, getting married in Italy is the choice of a lifetime! Italy is the most romantic place on Earth, just think about Romeo and Juliet and all the romantic literature Italy has to offer! Furthermore, Italy has plenty of enchanting wedding venues that will be the perfect scenery for your pictures and memories. Just think about a villa, a castle, a hamlet, a farmhouse, a borgo, a palace or even a vineyard! Italy offers magnificent venues to make you feel like a princess who is getting married to her prince charming.

Getting married in Italy: how to do it

Getting married in Italy is not as difficult as you may think: you can get married legally in Italy even if you are a non-resident, just ask your trusty wedding planner which documents you may need in order to proceed (it depends on the Country you come from, but Umbria Weddings and Events has the right experience and knows what you have to do). You only have to choose the best ceremony for you: civil, figurative, symbolic, religious. If you can imagine, we can do it!
Hint: don’t forget that catholic weddings are legally recognised in Italy!

Getting married in Italy: how much does it cost?

An Italian wedding can be organized with any budget. The first destination thatdestination wedding italy may come to your mind when thinking about getting married in Italy may be Tuscany, then Rome, Venice and so on. But if you are on a budget, you don’t have to give up on your dream: there are so many marvelous venues in one of the greenest countryside in Italy that are beautiful and affordable, but maybe overlooked for weddings in Italy. Umbria may be the perfect venue for you Italian wedding: as the Telegraph says (april 2017) “A few years ago, Umbria was known, if at all, as Tuscany’s less alluring sister. Not any more: these days Italy’s “green heart” is every bit as celebrated as its more famous neighbour. The reasons are simple: the region has all Tuscany’s attributes – and a few more.” Hint: you can find deals both in Umbria and Tuscany but, in general, Umbria in cheaper.


Hiring an Italian wedding planner: is it the right choice?

Stop for a moment and think: when travelling abroad, the first thing you may think about is finding a local guide to get the most of the place you are visiting, trying to live like a local. Then, why should getting married in Italy be different? Entrust yourself to an Italian wedding planner, and you will not regret it! She will suggest the perfect locations, flower settings, bridal ateliers and much more. She will stick to your budget, making the most of it. She will let you and your loved ones live the Italian bella vita, even for one day, enjoying all the joys of life like only a real Italian can do. Just ask for the complete Wedding Package and you will have no thoughts!
So… just don’t lose time anymore: your elope in Italy is nearer than you think!