Castle weddings in Umbria

Live the dream of an Italian Wedding in Umbria, add a little magic and marry the love of your life in a Castle Wedding in Italy, with any budget you may have!

Fairy-tale castle weddings in Umbria

Getting married in a castle is a fairytale since an early age. We are taught that Prince Charming will come and save us from the villain and will take us to his castle to marry us and live “happily ever after”.
Umbria has got a lot of Castle Wedding venues. Tale as old as time, majestic buildings ready to host the magnificent wedding party you deserve.
After THE Royal Wedding (Meghan Markle hit the spot with her iconic wedding gown and oh, how we fell in love with Prince Harry?) we want to focus on how to recreate the fairy tale without having to find a real prince: you can have the most romantic wedding ceremony in the most beautiful wedding venue you’ve ever dreamt about. Yes girl, you got it right!

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Why get married in a Castle in Umbria

Getting married in a castle in Umbria is the perfect choice if you are a romantic Bride.
What does a castle have to offer?
Marrying in a castle satisfies a childhood dream of being a princess for one day. Can you hear your inner little girl begging for romance? Then, a castle is the ideal wedding venue. Most castles offer fabulous views, inside and out, and are the perfect frame to your day. From thrones to great halls, turrets to keeps, moats to walled gardens, the architecture can take you back to a bygone era in a blink of an eye.

For brides-to-be, choosing the wedding location is one of the most important decisions to make: it has to reflect the style of your wedding, the personality of bride and groom, and has to be ideal for the well-being of all the guests.

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How to plan your wedding in a Castle in Umbria

The perfect way to plan your wedding in Umbria is to entrust yourself to a destination wedding planner.
Marrying in an Italian Castle means entering magical and atmospheric spaces, protected by three-foot thick walls, decorated with furniture and paintings: you can just feel like a King and Queen for one day.
We work with historic castles, where their original beauty has been preserved during the years, but the modern comforts are guaranteed. Many castles can offer a full destination wedding package, you can have the religious or symbolic ceremony in the morning, the wedding reception and a wedding party in the evening, without having your guests leave early: in fact, many of our castles offer accomodations nearby.
Let us suggest you the best way to organize your lavish wedding ceremony in a castle. Live the magic, enjoy the thrilling experience and give your guests the best memories they will ever have.

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How much does it cost to organize a wedding in Umbria

An Umbrian wedding in a real castle can be organized with any budget, Umbria Weddings and Events has the right experience in order to give you the advices you will need the most, without going extra budget.
Umbria is the perfect venue for your Italian wedding: green hills to frame your pictures, magical spots to say “I Do”, a wedding destination that will surprise your guests with its underrated, still timeless, elegance.
Umbria has the perfect wedding venues for your wedding, and a castle is the perfect location for your romantic ceremony.

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Hiring a destination wedding planner for your Wedding Castle in Umbria

When thinking about the organization of your day, you never won’t regret the choice to hire a local wedding planner. Your trustful Umbrian Wedding planner will think about all the details that will make your wedding in Umbria unique and amazing! You will have the chance to be King and Queen for one day in the most romantic castles in Umbria. You can ask for the complete all inclusive wedding package, so you won’t have to worry about the details, but you will have plenty of time to imagine your great day until the moment you will finally live it.
Your elope in Umbria is nearer than you think!