To get married in Italy could become reality for everyone who dreams a destination wedding by the right wedding planner!

5 TIPS to know what Italy deserves to you!

Land of Love
Thinking of Italy you need to mention Rudolph Valentine or Romeo and Juliet with all their fascinating stories of love…the historical cities starring of their love adventures will grab your desire to marry in such place and landscapes, letting you a such variety of possibilities to get married. We’ll take care of you and your guests on your most important day, setting the most beautiful Italian location in each place you desire, leaning on a great ability, competence and deep skills in wedding settings of your favorite wedding planner.

Breathtaking landscapes
Italy has got the most breathtaking panorama in the world, it gives a marvelous framework to your wedding day, from the Alps with their magnificent mountain chain, embroidered by the snow, the relaxing beauty of the Lakes, the Venetian Canals, the sunkissed terraces of the Italian coasts to the sparkling sea of Sicily or Apulia or Sardinia to all the Mediterranean Sea…travelling through the Art cities of Florence, Perugia, Assisi, L’Aquila, Rome, Naples and the Amalfi coast…where living love is a way of life!

The most delicious food and wine
Italy is famous all over the world for its fantastic good taste of food and wine and it’ll be a leisure for you and your guests tasting the most important Italian dishes and drinks…a pleasure for your eyes and your mouthfeel. Italian pasta, meat, sweets, fresh vegetables mixed with chance to bring innovative food and drinks concept to the party.

Elegance is a way of life
To get married could be a hard travel into the new life together but your wedding planner will help you to realize everything you dream as a relaxing and emotional trip from your comfort zone to the bridal day, making all the organization perfect and suitable to you, setting a full immersion in the Italian way of life, making true your wedding dream according to the Italian style. This means elegance in style and in everyday life!

Fine art wedding
Weddings in Italy are celebrated in the Italian style, you can choose a Castle ora a farm ora a village or a Hamlet…each one of them will be with magnificent backdrop, elegant wedding table settings, charming ideas in fancy food and wine experiences, chic décor, astinishing decorations…whatever you dream for your perfect wedding day, we’ll make it happen and you’ll find much more than what you expected!

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